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What Are the Latest Residential Design Trends?

When choosing house designs, you can easily get caught in flashy trends and fads. First of all, the architectural design of the exterior part of your house speaks a lot about what people can expect on the inside, while the interior part of the house leaves an impression on its occupants. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you invest in the looks of your house. If you don’t want to hire a remodeling company, then you should have the best tools for your DIY project.

When purchasing a home, you should choose a design that you can easily adapt or change to boost its function and style. The architectural world is constantly filled with fancy new ideas that focus on achieving killer looks, improved sustainability, and functionality.

How to Choose the Best Home Design Trends

Trends are influenced by a generation. In modern architecture, they generate moods for the industry and recognize how our own space can affect our daily lifestyles. Before we present to you our present home design trends, we must explain the difference between a trend and a fad. They are usually mistaken for one another, but the reality is that they have opposite meanings.

When it comes to trends, they usually stick around. In fact, in some cases, it has the potential to stick around for several years. What makes it very confusing for many people is that trends and fads look the same at the beginning, but fads will eventually die out. Trends provide direction within the industry, while fads a merely a momentary craze.

A custom design style can be a combination of classic trends and modern elements. This will become your own brand of design and architecture. After knowing the difference, it’s time for you to take a look at the latest trends that are influencing the world of architecture:

Open Spaces

By having open spaces, room partitions will be eliminated to expand the square footage of the room. At the same time, this can allow for better lighting into the space. By removing those wall partitions, the interior spaces can be converted for multipurpose use.

Most people opt for an open living space for their kitchen areas and living room. Aside from this, there are also a lot of building design ideas such as linking the living room to the terrace by using retractable furniture. In this design, you can achieve a natural and perfect connection between the two.

Home designs that incorporate open layouts can increase the functionality with more space to enjoy. This is very beneficial for houses with smaller spaces.

With an open concept, gone are the days where rooms have four walls and a door. Rather than having traditional rooms, they are now considered as implied spaces. These spaces can connect without any interferences, creating a minimalist interior design. Additionally, you can use this concept on any other floors so you can achieve an enlarging effect on the interior space.

Open Spaces

Flexible Rooms

In connection with the open concept design, homes now include spaces that have less defined objectives. Contemporary architects are now incorporating flex rooms into their designs. With flex rooms, they can easily transform the new area without making an entire makeover or expensive renovations

Health-Conscious Design

In the past, asbestos and lead paint have caused health problems to homeowners. Nowadays, homes are designed in such a way that owners are guaranteed healthier interiors. By applying green construction and sustainable design, you can effectively eradicate dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Kitchens Take Center Stage

It seems that kitchens are getting larger. Previously, kitchens were designed to be hidden away, but now they are the focal point of many homes. Dining rooms are fading away since they are now incorporated as a part of the kitchen. Since kitchens are becoming more spacious, it is the best place for families to gather together and spend quality time.

In-home Spa

Most homeowners are now turning away from health clubs and installing their own relaxation and fitness areas right in the comfort of their own home. This is apparent in the increasing number of hot tubs, steam rooms, home gyms, whirlpools, as well as spa-influenced bathrooms found in homes.

In-home Spa

Home Automation

You can expect that this design trend will stay a bit longer, so you better make those financial plans as early as possible. Whether it is a personal or commercial property, most owners are investing in automated systems so that their homes will be easier for them to manage. Home automation incorporates smart devices that can regulate the temperature and lighting of the house as well as control its security systems.

Home automation is a building or residential design that’s here to stay, so you need to start investing in this for your home or building. This design trend is something that goes beyond the interior of your home. Make sure that it complements the exterior features of your building, such as the lighting, irrigation, and locks.

By using this technology, you can enhance convenience, reduce consumption bills, and enjoy more comfort. Additionally, these devices can be easily installed and monitored, and can typically pay for themselves in the long run.

Biophilic Design

Combining natural elements such as plants and natural lighting can provide positive effects on your health. This design trend will bring natural elements into your living space to impact your health. This space design incorporates plants, water decor, natural lighting, and other types of natural materials like wood, stone, or metals. Using rattan and wicker furniture can bring the outdoors into your living space without too much hassle.

Based on some studies, this type of design and layout can improve the homeowner’s creativity, focus, and overall productivity. This type of interior design ideas can enhance your wellness while encouraging environmental sustainability.

Combining Inside and Outside

There used to be a defined line or wall that separates the inside from the outside of your home. But now rooms are combined into the outdoors without considering any solid distinction. A combination of an indoor/outdoor living space can comprise of anything, for instance, a TV, furniture, or even a complete kitchen.

Larger Windows

With larger windows, you can bring the view of the outside into your room. But it is not just about the aesthetic, in fact, they can even provide you with a passive home. Also referred to as energy-efficient, a passive home uses large windows in minimizing artificial light while blocking heat and harmful UV rays.

Larger Windows

A Home Office

One of the most significant design trends in the architectural world right now is constructing a home office. Due to the significant number of people who are working and schooling remotely, there is now a huge demand for building a productive and functional area. By having a home office, you can improve your work productivity and it gives you the chance to separate the office from home.

If having an additional room is not possible, then you can simply use a workspace instead. You can create a small workspace either in a small corner of a living room, in your bedroom, or even in the closet. Also, using a leaning desk or extendable standing desks can be a convenient space solution.

Latest Residential Design Trends

Keep in mind that these design trends don’t just happen overnight. Generally, they are a response to homeowners’ behavior. This means that these residential designs are simply a reflection of the homeowner’s vision.


Minimalist architecture is similar to modern architecture. With a lot of distractions and options that are available, minimalism has gained popularity. Most people are now looking for simplicity in life and minimalism can be a big help in eliminating the clutter. When it comes to residential design and architecture, many people are now practicing the “less is more” mantra.

The minimalist residential design uses simple colors, materials, and shapes in achieving the most practical design. Most homeowners are now reducing their square footage so they can save on energy and cut down on their maintenance.

Multifunctional Spaces

Homeowners are now eliminating walls and specific rooms so that they can achieve open floor plans where they can take advantage of the multifunctional spaces. With multifunctional spaces, you can have a house with a minimalist design. Since your rooms have multiple functions, then you can have greater functionality even if you only have a smaller area to work with.


Home design trends and fads keep on changing throughout the years and will continue to change in the coming future. However, there is a particular trend that will not likely change, and this is the integration of a green mindset in home design to obtain a healthy and sustainable living environment.

With all that’s been said and done, the main goal of working with a remodeling company is to add style and elegance while enhancing the space’s functionality. Even though your options are greatly influenced by preferences, it is recommended that you should settle for a trend that’s here to stay. Most of all, the outcome should result in an increase in your home’s market value. Studio 250 Design & Planning can help you in remodeling or constructing your home. Just give us a call at 307-734-2625 and we’ll design your dream home today!