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10 Signs that It's Time for a Home Remodel

Your home doesn’t have to be over a century old to need a remodel. You might have built it only a decade ago, but your parents might have moved out, and you’ve grown your own family since then. As life changes, homes also require remodeling to continue to cater to the needs of the homeowners.

As time passes, signs will appear all over your house, suggesting that a renovation is required. By taking note of these signs, you can decide when to remodel your home without risking overspending or letting a part of the structure crumble. If you want to make sure when is the right time to renovate your home, here are twelve of the most common telltale signs.

1. You have too little space

Having insufficient free space usually happens to young families who purchased a property with only one baby in mind but had more than that. This kind of scenario and similar ones require that you either build an extra room or move houses if you’re planning for an even bigger family.

2. The floor needs to be replaced

One of the sure signs that your home needs a remodeling project is your floor condition. Your kitchen and bathroom are the first rooms where tiles will become displaced because the tiles here are constantly exposed to moisture, which causes the grouting to corrode. Be prepared for a remodel when the glue underneath the tiles dries up.

If properly installed, the flooring in your bedroom, living room, and other rooms will last longer since the surfaces are most likely hardwood flooring. However, keep in mind that wood is susceptible to water damage, so minor flooding may result in destroyed floors that will need to be replaced.

3. Your bathroom looks old

Fixtures are a good indicator of the state the house is in, which is why most prospective home buyers and tenants want a good look at the bathroom when they come to look at the house. Your bathroom can reveal the period when your house was constructed and furnished. If you remodel your home and update your bathroom, you can use this to your advantage.

4. The paint is chipping and fading
The paint is chipping and fading

Outer surfaces are exposed to cooling ang heating 24/7, so their paint deteriorates faster than interior surfaces.

The façade of your house is also exposed to intense ultraviolet light that can cause its colors to fade. During winter, the snow and frost cause the paint to chip away, making your front façade appear old. When this happens, expect that an exterior house renovation is imminent.

5. Termites are starting to infest your home

Ultimately, the presence of vermin and insects around your house indicates that the materials used for the structure have given way. Termite infestation is an especially dangerous one because these tiny pests prey on wood that has deteriorated and eat their way through it. As soon as you hear the telltale sign of termites crawling up the woodwork, start planning for your home’s remodeling.

6. There’s a leak in the roof

A flood can cause extensive damage to your home. Besides a ruptured pipe in the basement or bathroom, the roof is a most likely source of water damage. Further, your roof can reveal how dilapidated your home has become when shingles start flying off the roof, and flashings get dislocated. Sometimes, it’s best to replace your entire roof than repair it.

7. Your house is outdated

In some cases, the house may still have an excellent structure, but all the accessories inside, from the doorknobs to mirror frames, are outdated. If you decide to give your home a much-needed remodel, the project will aim at replacing accessories such as bathtubs, railings, door handles and knobs, faucets, shower fixtures, etc.

8. Flickering lights

The electrical grid traverses your entire house surface vertically and horizontally, which means it is a good indicator of the house’s state. If you notice black spots on old incandescent light bulbs or that the lights are flickering, it may be time to give the electrical grid a check-up or repair. If the problem is not with the light bulb socket, it’s best to have a certified electrician take a look.

9. Lubricants don’t work on doorknobs

A squeaking sound coming from the door may mean the hinges have dried up. If using a lubricant doesn’t do the trick, you might be facing a bigger problem. This can lead to someone getting locked up inside the bathroom, or a bedroom doorknob giving way entirely. Since oiling them doesn’t do any good, you’ll have to replace the door handles altogether.

10. You have a space that’s not functional
You have a space that's not functional

While a lack of free space can make the house feel crowded, you might experience the same crampedness even if you live in a big house. For instance, you may have a large kitchen, but if the island is too close to the countertop, then you have a useless aisle because it’s too narrow. If the space feels uncomfortable when you wash the dishes, you should remodel your kitchen and the dining room.

If your wardrobe or closet is too cramped, it’s a clear indication that you require extra storage space. In general, any clutter preventing your household from efficiently functioning may indicate a house reorganization, additional space, extra storage, or a complete remodel.

11. Getting too emotional about the change

As people age, they become less adaptable to changes, and a home remodel is no exception. Remodeling the house is a significant spatial change, so expect to encounter some resistance from the older members of the family. But be on guard as you can also feel this way, especially if the house you’re remodeling is where you grew up. If you’re too attached to it, you might not be able to think clearly, which can lead to bad decisions.

Before you start to plan for the renovation, make sure to distance yourself from the project emotionally to avoid making hasty judgments that might ruin the entire project. If you cannot be 100% objective, that’s another reason to hire a contractor or an architect.

12. Life on standby
Life on standby

The moment it becomes clear that a home remodeling project is in order, you still need to make one final preparation. Replacing the roof, remodeling the bathroom, or reconstructing the kitchen means that no one can live inside the house while your contractor is carrying out the construction work.

Home renovation typically lasts several weeks, depending on which area of the house is getting spruced up. Be prepared to move to a hotel or a friend’s house until the construction work is finished. The temporary move may be hard for some family members, especially remodeling begins. If the contractor sets the project to be completed in one month, tell your children that the house will be done in two months, allowing for unforeseen delays.

There are many other signs that your house needs remodeling, but what we listed above are the major ones. If your home shows one or two of the signs listed above, please do not hesitate to contact Studio 250 Design & Planning. We are an architecture firm based in Jackson, WY, and we specialize in home remodels, additions, and new constructions. Give us a call at 307-734-2625 today, and let’s plan your home’s renovation today!