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Minimalism is in now, and so is living in a tiny house. We have seen a lot of people on social media switch to living in a tiny house. It is more than just being in the trend, but this Tiny House Movement encourages people to possess fewer materials and occupy less space. Some of these people who are now living in tiny houses are eco-warriors who wish to produce minimum to zero waste. Others moved to a tiny house because they want to spend less or prefer to live simply.

Right now, you may also be thinking of moving to a tiny house. Living in a tiny house sure has numerous benefits, but we know you may also have apprehensions. Having apprehensions is normal because, as humans, we are accustomed to living in spacious areas.

We are here to share with you the benefits of living in a tiny home, which can hopefully get rid of your apprehensions.

1. Lower Expenses

The most obvious benefit of having a tiny house is that it can lower both your individual and family expenses. The comparison of building a tiny house vs. a normal-sized house itself already has a huge difference when it comes to your costs.

More so, knowing that you have limited space will make you more critical of the things that you keep in your house. Your shopping expenses will drastically decrease. When you decide to live in a tiny house, you can’t just buy the lamp that you found cute at the mall, because you would see first if you have space in your home.

Living in a tiny house teaches you to keep only the valuables and non-negotiables. Rather than spending your money on clothes and home items, you can now put them in your savings or retirement that you have always thought about doing. Finally, you can put your money where it is needed.

2. You’re Doing Mother Nature a Favor

You're Doing Mother Nature a Favor

You are doing Mother Nature a huge favor. Building a tiny house versus an average-sized house already saves dozens of trees. Since the average size home of an American has already increased, you will also be saving carbon dioxide, electricity, and water.

3. Reconnect with Nature

Aside from being able to help Mother Nature, you will also be able to reconnect with her. Having a tiny home means it is easy to put it in a place closer to nature.

If you are living with someone in your tiny house, surely you will soon need personal space, which might be challenging to get in your small area. This will encourage you to get a lot of time outside of your house and be with nature. You can set up a hammock and lay there, enjoying the fresh air while reading a book.

4. Easier Maintenance

You do not need to worry about the hassle of vacuuming every day and getting rid of the dust on all your countertops. A tiny house comes with tiny worries because you have lesser space to clean and fewer appliances to maintain.

5. Bring It Everywhere

The adventurous spirit in you will be happy to live in a tiny house. You can choose to attach it to the back of your truck as trailers. If you have always imagined your life to always be on the road but still enjoy the comfort of your home, this is the type of house for you.

6. Living Simply

While most people prefer the luxurious life, there is also something rewarding with living a simple life. Not many people realize that we only need a few things to enjoy our lives and this world. When living in a tiny house, you will get to understand what things are not necessary and what things are worth keeping.

Living Simply

I Say Yes to Tiny House!

I Say Yes to Tiny House!

If you have already made up your mind about living in a tiny house, that’s great! The question is, “Who can design and build my house?”

You always have the choice to design and build it. While it seems natural to do because it is just a tiny house, it is still equally challenging and crucial. Studio 250 Design and Planning can help you achieve your dream tiny home. You do not need to be knowledgeable about being a designer or planner yourself. What matters is that you know your vision of your home and we will help you implement it.

However, if you are not ready for that tiny house, no worries, we can still help you turn into reality the kind of house that you want. As architects, we will help bring your vision to life. What matters most to us is that you will love the home that you will live in.

We know building a new house can be challenging and confusing, so give us a call at 307-734-2625. Let us talk about creating the ideal home for you!